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Golden Visas

Also known as Second Passport Scheme, We offer one of the best second citizenship solutions for High -Net worth Pakistani Citizens.


ORAIB PVT LTD- Foreign Immigration & Education Consultant - Pakistan

Since 2015, Oraib Private Limited has been working for the improvement of Educational and Skills Development sector for the Pakistani students and skilled labor class. We have identified ourselves as more than a consultancy service as we believe that a country could only get prosper when it has skilled workforce which can contribute towards its development. The significance of skilled workforce can be seen by the fact that it is one of the highest contributing factors for a country’s foreign remittances.
Unfortunately, majority of Pakistani workers working abroad are employed in lower level labor class only and thus the country receives far lesser foreign remittance as the labor manpower is paid not well in majority of the countries abroad. The situation at home is also not very satisfying as labor class is the most struggling force in urban areas and also the lowest paid.
Considering this situation, it was greatly felt to offer Pakistani youth and citizens a service by which they could enhance their skills and become valuable in their home country as well as abroad. For this purpose, Oraib has partnered with industry experts and TVET institutes worldwide for the placement of our students and citizens and aims for creating a big market of skilled workforce for the socio-economic development of Pakistan.



ORAIB offers a wide array of its services consisting of tourist visas, Study and Internships, Business and Work permits, Immigration and PR for Following ORAIB Destinations.

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Expert advice and consultation

The Prophet (P.B.U.H) instructed that one should take the counsel of wise before taking major decisions. There is no harm in getting expert and professional advice when you are not certain what to pursue in your career or goals. Our experience tells that majority of Pakistani students and youth are unaware about their growth options in Pakistan and abroad.



ORAIB is proud to offer a wide array of services that make us stand out of the crowd and put ahead in market competition. All of our services promise speed, reliability and deliverability.

Skilled Migration Visas

Pakistani citizens often struggle to get skilled visas of Europe, North America and Pacific Asia. Our partnerships allow us to provide assistance in getting these visas with surety of swift services and higher visa prospects.

Student Visas

Studying Abroad is dream of majority of Pakistani students. However, financial constraints make it impossible at times. We offer unique service of providing students with international Study Loan in our partner Universities of Canada and USA

Family Visas

Overseas Pakistanis often wish to bring their parents, family and siblings to their immigrated country. We provide multiple solutions to bring your loved ones to either immigrate or to visit you in your foreign country.

Business Visas

Startup Visas are gaining very high demand in today's world. If you have an innovative idea, we can help assist you in getting a startup visa of major economies of the World. We also provide Business tour, visit and networking assistance to expand your business beyond Pakistan.

Golden Visas

Second passport is a gateway for many Pakistanis to travel visa-free around the globe. For High net worth individuals, we provide second citizenship option of majority of European and Caribbean Nations. The Best and fastest second Passport is of Antigua and Barbuda for Pakistanis.

Holiday and Visitor Visas

Touring around the globe and visiting loved ones is a dream of every person. However, due to bleak outlook of Pakistani passport, the chances get very slim to tour Europe and Western Nations. We provide exclusive service of improving your travel history and other portfolio upgrades which make it very easy for Pakistanis to travel and tour abroad.

Team Members


ORAIB PAKISTAN is very blessed to have a very hardworking, devoted and competent professional team. We have a team of 30+ creative and smart individuals coming from different backgrounds and nationalities. It is via this diversity, that ORAIB is operating not only in Pakistan but in the UK, Canada and Europe also.

Kamran Nisar


Sofia Turner

ORAIB UK Regional Manager

Joshua Haracz

ORAIB Canada Regional Manager

Tracy Wake

ORAIB EU Regional Manager

Best Solution to all Canadian Immigration Streams for Pakistanis

Canada is the most sought after location for families and individuals to immigrate from Pakistan. Canada offers 60+ Immigration streams. We have a solution for anyone who is ambitious and patient to make their dream come true.

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